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    Photography theme is: "School Libraries in Action".  Start planning shots. 
     1st place  2nd place 3rd place
        Winners at the 2017 Epsilon Beta State Library Club Convention.                            
     Photography winners at the 2016 Epsilon Beta State Library Club Convention.
      1st place 2nd place   3rd place

     Photography winners at the 2015 Epsilon Beta State Library Club Convention.
        2014 first place      2014 second place   2014 third place        
     Photography winners at the 2014 Epsilon Beta State Library Club Convention
      First place   Second place   Third place
      Photography winners at the 2013 Epsilon Beta State Library Club Convention. 

    Contact: Georganna Krumlinde
    Email: krumling@troy.k12.mo.us
    Phone: (636) 462-5148 x 705 

    Epsilon Beta is a club for high school students interested in the library. Its official name is Episcpoi Tes Bibliothekes, "Keepers of the Library".

    HISTORY - The first Epsilon Beta club was organized at Washington High School, Washington, Missouri, in 1931, by a teacher, Leona Evans. During the 1968-1969 school year, interested librarians and students expanded Epsilon Beta to a statewide organization.

    EMBLEM - The emblem includes the club motto, "Keepers of the Library", the name Epsilon Beta, a book and a torch. The yellow background represents loyalty and honor, and the green, youth and hope.

    OFFICERS/ELECTIONS - State officers are elected at the annual meeting in the spring. They are: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and historian. Any member desiring to hold an office must come to the convention prepared to campaign. Each chapter represented at convention is allowed two voting delegates. Any local Epsilon Beta club may become a chapter by paying state dues. Local clubs who are considering affiliation with the state organization shall be permitted to attend their first convention without having paid state dues for that year. Current state dues are $3.00 per member.

    SPRING CONVENTION - The state officers have a meeting in the fall to help plan the Epsilon Beta Spring Convention, which is held each year in a different part of the state, always in a college town. A tour of a college campus and another educational tour are included. A physical activity like bowling or roller skating is included. At the business meeting, state officers are elected. Competitions during the convention include Quiz Bowl, scrapbook, book talks, book trailers, photography and scholarship. .  Quiz Bowl questions are about libraries, library resources and literature. Competitors can win trophies and ribbons. The scholarship is available to a senior who has been active in Epsilon Beta for at least two years and will be attending college in the fall. Scholarship money is paid directly to the institution of high education.  Scrapbook, book talk (about the next year's Gateway Award books), book trailer (about the current year's Gateway Award books) and photography competitions are available to all participating individuals..  The scrapbook presented for competition covers the previous school year, so at the 2017 convention, the 2015-16 scrapbooks will be judged. 

    LOCAL ACTIVITIES - Some of the local activities include:

    Troy Buchanan hosts a Beach Party for second graders,an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party for third graders,  a Family Mythology Night, a Gateway Cake Competition during Teen Read Week,  and a tea party for teachers and staff during National Library Week.

    Richland finishes their year with a MADD multi-media presentation.

    Clubs participate in homecoming, Children's Book Week and Teen Read Week.

    Clubs have different fundraisers to cover their costs, like tail gating and coffee shops.

    AFFILIATION - Epsilon Beta is sponsored by the Missouri Association of School Librarians, which helps coordinate Epsilon Beta activities through a director, appointed annually. Current MASL Liaison to Epsilon Beta is Jill Williams, Library Media Specialist, McDonald County. You may reach her for information at jwilliams@mcdonaldco.k12.mo.us.

    STATE OFFICERS for 2017-2018:

    Elizabeth Skelly - President - Francis Howell Central High School
    Ryan King - Vice President - McDonald County
    Mikayla Stone - Secretary -  McDonald County
    Allison Bicker - Treasurer - Troy Buchanan High School
    Lane Pointer - Historian - McDonald County

    CONVENTION 2014 - St. Louis

     Convention 2014   2014 Convention attendees: Clinton High School, Francis Howell North High School, Liberty High School, Parkway Central High School, Richland R-I High School, Troy Buchanan High School, Willow Springs High School.
    CONVENTION 2015 Kansas City:
       Convention attendees: Cassville, Clinton, Francis Howell Central, Francis Howell North, Richland and Troy Buchanan. 
    CONVENTION 2016 - Jefferson City
       Convention attendees:  Cassville, Clinton, Francis Howell, Francis Howell Central, Francis Howell North, McDonald County, Troy Buchanan, Warren County, Westran
    CONVENTION 2017 - Hannibal
         Convention attendees: Clinton, Francis Howell Central, Liberty, McDonald County, Troy Buchanan.
    CONVENTION 2018 - Springfield
    Epsilon Beta State Library Club Member Schools 2015-2016
    Belton High School - Elizabeth Ferguson - chartered this year
    Cassville High School - Donna Lawson
    Clinton High School - Suzanne Bush 
    Francis Howell Central High School -  Kelly Hauquitz and Andrea Head
    Francis Howell High School - Sue Robinson and Michelle Stuerman - chartered this year
    Francis Howell North High School - Angela Davis
    Liberty High School - Kelly Oliva
    McDonald County High School - Jill Williams - chartered this year
    Plato RV School District - Bonnie Hunter - chartered this year
    Richland RI - Lisa Taylor
    Troy Buchanan High School - Georganna Krumlinde
    Warrenton High School - Sarah Jinkerson
    Westran High School - Carrie Hayward, Angela Rash and Shellie Barnett
    Epsilon Beta State Library Club Member Schools 2016-2017 
    Cassville High School  -Donna Lawson
    Clinton High School  -Suzanne Bush
    Francis Howell High School - Sue Robinson and Michelle Stuerman
    Francis Howell Central High School - Kelly Hauquitz and Andrea Head
    Helias Catholic High School - Michelle Oliver
    Liberty High School  - Kelly Oliva
    McDonald County High School  - Jill Williams
    St. Dominic High School - Nikki Playle 
    Troy Buchanan High School - Georganna Krumlinde

    Epsilon Beta Library Club - TBHS 

         Student members each help read a section of the shelves on a monthly basis.  They sponsor a Beach Party for  second grade students in April and host a Tea Party for the faculty and staff during National Library Week.  During Teen Read Week they sponsor a Cake Decorating Contest - prizes are awarded for best character, best setting, best plot, best tasting and most creative. All cakes must represent one of the Gateway Award Books from any of the last 12 years.  The Family Mythology Night is a big hit, as was the new Alice in Wonderland Tea Party for third grade students.  Students can earn points toward a letter or a bar by participating in club activities.   Each letter and/or bar requires 35 points.   A notebook showing each member's progress is available at all times for them to check.  

    Pumpkin Fest  Pumpkin Fest Pumpkin Fest  Pumpkin Fest - downtown Troy, MO






Epsilon Beta Announcements

    2017 Convention Results
    Congratulations to: 
    2017-2018 State Officers
    Elizabeth Skelly - President - Francis Howell Central High School
    Ryan King - Vice President - McDonald County
    Mikayla Stone - Secretary - McDonald County
    Allison Bicker - Treasurer - Troy Buchanan High School
    Lane Pointer - Historian - McDonald County
    Quiz Bowl Winners
    Troy Buchanan High School - 1st
    Liberty High School - 2nd
    Clinton High School - 3rd
    Book Talk Winners
    Ricardo Padilla - 1st - McDonald County
    Abbi Mardi - 2nd - Farncis Howell Central High School
    Alex Daniels - 3rd - Troy Buchanan High School
    Book Trailer Winners
    Levi Womcack - 1st -  McDonald County
    Annalisa Kercher - 2nd - Liberty High School
    Abigail Noble - 3rd - Clinton High School
    Photography Winners
    Penelope Hunter - 1st - Francis Howell Central High School
    Penelope Hunter - 2nd - Francis Howell Central High School
    Alexis Griner - 3rd - Troy Buchanan High School  
    Scrapbook Winners
    Troy Buchanan High School - 1st
    Franci Howell Central High School - 2nd
    Scholarship Winners
    Erica Holmes - Troy Buchanan High School
    Elisa Swanson - Francis Howel Central High School
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  • 2018 Convention

    March 2018

    Springfield , MO

    Sunday - 1) competitions: scrapbook, scholarship, Quiz Bowl, book talks, book trailers, 2) group pictures, 3) group activity created by state officers. 

    Monday - 1) universty tour, 2) educational tour, 3) state business meeting: a) choose 2019 site of convention, b) elect  and induct 2018-2019 state officers

    After the meeting: 1) give out awards from Sunday's competitions.

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  • TBHS Chapter Meetings

    We meet the first Thursday of each month after school from 2:30- 3:30.

    We meet on the days designated by the TBHS administration during Academic Lab.

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