• The Finance Office is committed to serving the patrons of the Lincoln County R-III School District in a prudent and fiscally sound manner. Under the direction of the Board of Education, the R-III District has a AA bond rating and manages a $111 million budget.

    The Finance Office is dedicated to maximizing financial resources, thus enabling our students to attain their highest academic performance. We are committed to maintain financial records in strict accordance with all federal and state guidelines. From budget development to financial analysis, the Finance Office is always ready to provide accurate and timely information in an effort to secure for our students every opportunity to excel.
    R-III Revenue
    Local Revenue - 34.66%
    County Revenue - 2.33%
    State Revenue - 49.05%
    Federal Revenue -13.95%

    Assessed Value: $761,301,050
    Adjusted tax rate: $4.76 per $100 of assessed value
    Tax Rate Fund:
    Operating Levy - $3.3869
    Debt Service Levy - $1.3750
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