• Expectations of a Troy Buchanan Cheerleader


    1.       Attend all practices, games, summer camp and clinics.

    The only excused absences are sickness (stayed home or sent home by the nurse), major family events (ie. Family reunions – coach is to be informed at least 1 month) and funeral. Work is never an excuse.

    CHEERLEADERS (not parents) are expected to CONTACT their coach, if an absence occurs. The phone call should be made prior to the practice/game start time. If it is a planned event, coach should be made aware two weeks in advance.

    If you are involved in an activity that coincides with Cheer, a calendar must be provided to the coach on or before the 25th of the prior month.  The coach and cheerleader will sit down and discuss which practices will be excused, games are always MANDATORY.  Once the calendar is set, further absences due to that event WILL result in unexcused absence.

    2.       Arrive on time, and prepared, to all games and practices.

    3.       Have timely transportation at the conclusion of practices and games. Cheerleaders will not be       permitted to leave a game to make a phone call.  These calls can be made before/after game and   during halftime.

    4.       Work to your potential at all times!

    5.       Learn all the material.

    6.       Behave and act appropriately (in and out of uniform). This is to include PDA, attitude, language and          social media.

    7.       Dress appropriately (in and out of uniform).

    8.       Display a positive attitude at ALL times.

    9.       Pass 8 out of 9 Classes (earn 4 credits/semester)

    10.    Conduct yourself in the classroom and on the field/court in a way that reflects positively on you, your          school and your squad!

    11.   Work as a member of your team.

    12.   The skills demonstrated at Tryouts are expected to be thrown all year.

            Ex.  Tumbling, Sharp Motions, Voice, and Spirit

    13.   Inform the coach of club meetings/activities that interfere with practice/game at least 2 weeks prior to         event.

    14.   Respect all authority figures.

    15.   Participate in all fundraising activities.

    16.   Meet all deadlines and due dates.

    17.   Be responsible for cleaning, repairing, and/or replacing any part of the uniforms(s) if damages occur,         other than what is considered “normal wear and tear.”  Bows are considered a part of the uniform.  If         lost, cheerleader will be benched until another is purchased.

    18.   Inform the coach of any school disciplinary actions that occur.

    19.   Follow all MSHAA and/or National Federation Cheerleading Safety Rules.


    • Disciplinary action may take place at the coaches’ discretion, when stunting safety rules are not followed.
    • Temporary suspension from cheering or stunting activities
    Not meeting expectations could result in the following:
    • Conditioning
    • Benching
    • Having a conference with your coach, parents, activities director and/or principal
    • Repeated violations of the Cheerleader Expectations may result in being removed from the squad


    *STRIKES are the method of discipline. At the 3rd strike (offense) given by the coach, the cheerleader WILL BE removed from the squad

    A cheerleader may be immediately dismissed from the squad for the following reasons:


    • Suspension from school (this includes both in school suspension (ISS) and out of school suspension (OSS))
    • Direct defiance of the coach
    • Use/possession of alcohol/cigarettes/drugs
    • Unsportsmanlike Conduct
    • And for any reason deemed necessary by the coaching staff or administration