• Cuivre Park Elementary In 2005, after studying the growth, the Long Range Planning Team saw the need for the district to construct two elementary schools and a second high school to alleviate overcrowding at both levels. Unfortunately, the Lincoln County R-III School District did not have enough bonding capacity* to address all of the needs of the district. As a result, the team proposed a creative solution to limited bonding capacity while addressing the space needs of the R-III District.

    The Long Range Planning Team recommended expanding two of the district’s elementary schools and construct an additional elementary school and a ninth grade center, which would later be expanded into a second high school when bonding capacity allowed (estimated election for expansion in 2012). These recommendations were included in an April 2006 bond issue, which included a 37-cent increase to the debt service levy. Voters passed the measure with 64% approval.

    The successful bond issue allowed the district not only to construct a ninth grade center, but to expand William Cappel Elementary by four classrooms and to construct additional classrooms and a multi-purpose room at Main Street Elementary (previously known as Troy Primary). The opening of the expanded elementary schools (August 2007) allowed the Lincoln County R-III School District to convert to a K-4 grade pattern among the City of Troy elementary schools. The Ninth Grade Center opened in the fall of 2008. The community-based Long Range Planning Team met annually to continue to monitor their plan, student growth and space issues throughout the R-III District.

    Plans for the additional elementary school, Cuivre Park Elementary, were made possible with a NO-TAX increase bond issue in April 2008. The measure also included an expansion and upgrades to Hawk Point Elementary (the district’s oldest facility) and repairs and improvements to Troy Middle School and the Claude Brown Building. Voters approved the measure (76%). Cuivre Park Elementary opened in August 2009 with an award winning and cost-effective design. Cuivre Park Elementary is now the district’s largest elementary school. The opening of Cuivre Park Elementary allowed the district to shift to a more traditional grade pattern structure district-wide (K-5 and 6-8).
    *Bonding capacity: The amount that a bonding or surety company is prepared to put at risk in the bonds that it writes for the construction professional. By Missouri statute, a school district is only allowed to “bond” 15% of their assessed value minus the current debt.