• With the culmination of the Long Range Plan, the team began meeting more frequently in late 2009 and early 2010. For approximately six months, the community-based team met to review not only space issues and growth in the R-III District, but reviewed revenue**, analyzed student achievement and studied bonding capacity.

    After studying these issues, the Long Range Planning Team made the following recommendations to the Board of Education in May 2010:

    Reduce the budget as needed to maintain a balanced budget. Increase the operating tax levy. Construct a new middle school and a new elementary school. 
    During the six month study, the team believed expanding the Ninth Grade Center into a second high school needed to be postponed. The team saw a greater need at the elementary level and middle school, which had become one of the largest in the State of Missouri. Similar to the original Long Range Plan, the R-III District did not have enough bonding capacity to fulfill the team’s recommendations for a second middle school and a new elementary. Coupled with $3.1 million in budget cuts in the R-III District, the Long Range Planning Team voted on an economical solution to the district’s space issues. Their plan included the following steps:

    1. Re-locate the Early Childhood Education Center
    2. Re-purpose the small portion of the Claude Brown Building that the childhood center occupied as a small K-5 elementary school
    3. Construct a new middle school
    4. Continue to remodel Troy Middle School as funds allow

    After voters approved a 75-cent operating tax increase*** in April 2011, the R-III District was able to begin to address the team’s recommended plan. In April 2012, 70% voters approved a NO-TAX increase bond issue to address the first two steps of the team’s economical solution. In April 2014, 73% of voters approved the next phase of the Long Range Plan and construct a second middle school. This 2014 no-tax increase bond issue also will continue to make improvements at Troy Middle School.

    The Long Range Planning Team continues to meet annually to review their plan and student growth patterns. To join the efforts, please contact the Office of Community Relations.
     **In February 2009, the R-III District had cut $3.1 million in staffing and programming in response to reductions in state revenue.
    ***A 75-cent operating tax increase plans for the future staffing of Long Range Plan as well as restore approximately $3 million in budget cuts. By April 2011, the Lincoln County R-III District had cut $6.1 million in programs, staffing and services.