• Response to Emergencies 

    Lincoln County R-III School District counselors will provide care and support for students impacted by a crisis or emergency crisis. Our district partners with area organizations in times of crisis or emergency to help students and their families through incidents. Great partnerships through the Lincoln County Resource Board and a countywide sales tax enable our district to provide these resources to our students during times of emergency.

    Our collaborative effort on behalf of our students is recognized for their fast and effective responses to a number of incidents within our community over the past several years. If you believe your child is in need of assistance due to a crisis situation, please contact your school counselor.


    During an Emergency

    In order for our emergency-response plans to be effective, we must depend on the cooperation and assistance of many people, such as local law enforcement, first responders, the Missouri Highway Patrol, and other local departments. We also must have the cooperation of the parents of our students to support our detailed emergency-response plans. Your cooperation is vital to protecting the safety and welfare of all our children and school employees.


    Therefore, we ask all parents observe the following procedures during a crisis situation:
    • Please refrain from calling the school and/ or district offices. We understand and respect your concern. Much of the Lincoln County R-III District administration are parents of students in the district just like you.
    • We employ every communication possible during times of emergency.  The district and/or school will send out notifications via email, phone, push notifications on our mobile app, text message, and social media accounts. It is essential that the telephone system be available for these emergency communications.
    • The safety of your child is our priority.  Our next priority is timely and accurate information to our parents. We will begin communicating with parents as soon as possible without compromising the safety and security of your child and the faculty and staff of our schools.
    • When necessary, you will also receive instructions on where you should go and how/when you may be able to pick up your child.
    • District social media accounts and our website will be updated as information becomes available. During incidents, district officials are focused on the situation at hand. Comments to social media can and will be responded to once safety and order are in place.
    • Tune into local radio and television stations for emergency announcements and status reports.
    • Do not come to the school or evacuation location until you are instructed to do so. It may be necessary to keep the streets and parking lot clear for emergency vehicles. If evacuation is required, students may be transported to a location away from the school. Lincoln County R-III has sites planned and mobilization plans in place (We do not publicize locations to protect the children and the specific emergency). You will be notified of the locations through the media outlets or district website.
    • Talk to your children and emphasize how important it is for them to follow instructions from their teachers and school officials during any emergency.
    • Carefully read or closely listen to all information you receive from your school and/ or school district. We understand it is difficult to process information during times of high stress; however, our success in communicating with all of our students, parents, staff and community depend on our staff and you.

    We hope you find the information contained here to be helpful in your understanding of and response to emergency situations. We encourage you to contact your building administrator if you a have questions. Our schools prepare and drill throughout the school year in hopes we never have to implement these emergency plans.