• What are School Counselors?
    • School counselors are a type of helper in your school.  We help kids with things like problem solving, understanding feelings, and making friends.  We work with all children.  The counseling program assists students in acquiring the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful learners and good citizens. 
    • A major focus of the elementary counseling program is prevention and involves classroom lessons based on important character traits (such as being respectful, doing outstanding work, being accountable, and building healthy relationships) and the Missouri Model Guidance Program.
    • School counselors will also facilitate individual and small group counseling as needed to help students develop the personal/social, academic, and career skills necessary in life!
    • In addition, school counselors will make referrals to outside resources when needed for specific student needs.
    What do School Counselors do?
    • School Counselors:
      • Talk with individual students
      • Meet with students in small groups
      • Teach classroom lessons about good character that will help your child in and out of school
      • Support character education through leadership and skill-building activities
      • Collaborate with teachers to ensure student success
      • Advocate for students—What is best for each specific student?
      • Partner with outside agencies to ensure student needs are met
    Who are School Counselors for?
    • School counselors are there for EVERYONE!  We are here for every student, every teacher and every parent who is part of the Boone Elementary School community.

    Get to know your School Counselor...

    • My goal is to help your child succeed.  Your support and cooperation can help make your child’s school year a rewarding experience.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.