• Attendance, Grade, & Citizenship Expectations

    Practice is everyday after school.  All players are expected to be at every practice.

    An unexcused absence is one in which the athlete is present in school then fails to come to practice, without first notifying their coach personally or through communication via the phone or note by the parent.  If the athlete notifies the coach personally, then the athlete is still required to bring a note from the parent.

     Consequences of Unexcused Absences:

              First miss     – Miss part of a game

              Second miss – One game suspension

              Third miss   - Dismissed from the team

    An Athlete that is not present at school or is checked out early by a parent is considered excused and does not need to verify his absence.  However, due to the large number of athletes, limited amount of games, and the constant learning progression the players receive at each and every practice, the athletes that are present at practice have the best chance of playing, regardless of the athlete’s reason for being absent from practice.  An athlete that misses a practice for any reason should expect to miss some game time.

    Good grades and citizenship must be maintained.   Poor grades or bad behavior by a player, in or out of the classroom, may result in extra conditioning at practice, a loss of game time, or dismissal from the team.