• Frequently Asked Questions for Lincoln County R-III Employees - Response to Coronavirus

    Last updated May 6, 2020

    The health and safety of our students and employees is our first priority. We are all navigating this evolving and new situation related to the coronavirus. We want to assure you that we will work together to navigate this in the best interest of each individual staff member, while also understanding that we have a shared responsibility to continue to care for and educate our students.

    This is not a time to be concerned about missing work if you are sick. If you are having flu-like or coronavirus symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath), please stay home and consult a physician.

    District administration is closely monitoring and developing responses to address this rapidly changing situation.  Federal, state, and local agencies may make mandates that change our responses to the questions below. As we learn more information, we will update our responses to the questions below and add any additional relevant information. So, please continue to check this FAQs page which is available in Staff Resources on the District website, as well as, your LCR3 email.  As always, should you have any questions or concerns you can email HR at HR@troy.k12.mo.us or contact any of our HR team members individually.

    When should I report to work? 

    Our reentry plan provides for a phased approach in bringing all employees back to campus and eventually students. This is subject to change as updated guidance is received. The following is the current planned timeline. 

    1. Monday, May 4 - All administrators, coordinators, education office professionals, and other designated employees will report as necessary and directed by his/her supervisor to continue District operations. This will include the distribution of personal belongings for students and final collection of assignments at buildings Monday, May 11 through Thursday, May 14.
    2. Monday, May 4 - All Maintenance, Custodial, Grounds and Technology employees will continue to report to work Monday - Friday to continue essential duties, including, but not limited to, maintaining school facilities, preparing for the completion of bond projects, and preparing school facilities for the return of students in the fall. 
    3. Monday, May 4 through May 15 - Mechanics, Regular Route Bus Drivers, and Transportation Office staff will report as directed to complete essential duties preparing for the Missouri State Highway Patrol inspection. 
    4. Saturday, May 16 through Wednesday, May 20 - All teachers who have not yet completed the check-out process in their building will be asked to report to classrooms, as designated by building administrators, to prepare their rooms for summer and complete check-out procedures. 
      • Paraprofessionals, latchkey workers, nurses and other building personnel may be requested to report, as needed, by building administrators, to complete end of year check-out procedures.
    5. Beginning Tuesday, May 26 - All District administrators, coordinators, education office professionals, and secondary counselors will report to their building/department for the remainder of summer or the work calendar specific to the employee’s position.  Employees will be completing essential duties for the closure of the 2019-2020 school year, preparation for 2020 virtual summer school, and preparation for the 2020-2021 school year.  
      • Employee work calendars can be found on the District website at https://www.troy.k12.mo.us/Page/6685.  
      • Departments/buildings may stagger report times based upon department/building needs but employees should not report to work prior to 7 a.m. to ensure that the employee assigned to take temperatures is available.  
      • Employees should work the number of hours normally required per day for their position.
    6. Monday, August 17 through Friday, August 21 - All employees report, as designated by their administrator, for back to school preparation. 
    7. Tuesday, August 25 - All employees and students report for the first day of the 2020-2021 school year.

    As set forth above, any employee who is experiencing flu-like or coronavirus symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath) should not report to work. Further, per the CDC, staff who have engaged in international travel or travel on any cruise ship, are asked to quarantine themselves for 14 days. Anyone who has traveled internationally or via cruise ship should not report to any District building for 14 days and should contact Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us or Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo in HR.

    Any employee who is asked to report and who is uncomfortable doing so should contact his/her supervisor.

    If you are an employee who uses the timeclock and is required to come in, please continue to use the electronic timeclock. Unless ordered or requested to self-quarantine, employees who are not on protected leave and are unable to perform their required duties on a particular day should contact their supervisor and/or HR and should request a half or full day of sick, personnel, vacation or comp time, as applicable.

    What happens if I have a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and I am sent home?

    If your temperature reads 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher upon arrival for your shift, you will be asked to go home.  Employees may not return to work until they are fever-free and absent of any other symptoms without medication for 72 hours.  If eligible, the employee will receive paid leave as provided in the Family First Coronavirus Response Act or will enter sick, personal, or vacation time during the employee’s absence.  Any employee who is sent home due to fever should contact Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo.us, or Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us in HR to discuss his/her absence.

    What if I have a health concern?

    Let your direct supervisor know and reach out to Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo.us, or Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us, in the HR to discuss your concerns and options. 

    Will I be notified if the District receives notification that someone who has been in a District building has tested positive for COVID19? If so, how?

    If the District is made aware that an individual who has tested positive for COVID19 has been in a building, employees who worked in that building at the time the positive individual was present, or after, will be notified that someone who was in the building tested positive. Employees will be notified through regular District communication channels, including District email, and exterior signage will be posted to notify everyone that the building is closed.

    Will the building be closed for cleaning if the District is notified that someone who has tested positive for COVID19 was in a District building? If so, for how long will the building be closed and what will the cleaning procedures entail? 

    Yes. The building will be closed and cleaned utilizing procedures recommended by the Lincoln County Health Department, the CDC and other relevant local, state, and federal agencies and resources.  At this time, we anticipate that a building would be closed for five days for cleaning.

    If I am feeling ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms, what is the proper notification procedure?

    Employees should immediately notify their supervisor and should not report to work or should leave work immediately if the employee is feeling ill or experiencing symptoms. Supervisors will relay this information to HR.

    Where can I find the most recent protocols and information?

    As this situation continues to change employees will be notified of changes through their District email and/or communications from supervisors.  

    Will employees continue to be paid during the emergency closure?

    Regular employees will be paid their regular contracted or average daily pay for all days they were scheduled to work through May 20 up to 40 hours a week. 



    What are the expectations for remote work?

    All employees are asked to check their LCR3 email account and District voicemail, if applicable, at least twice a day at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and respond to emails within one business day.  Technology support will be available for employees throughout the closure.  Technology questions should be directed to the Helpdesk at 636-462-4925 ext. 51100.

    Teachers are expected to respond to communications from students and families, reach out to families of student who are not engaged, create instructional activities for students and check over and respond to student work, check their canvas inbox messages, and Google Classroom daily, as well as, keep their already consistent classroom platform up and running to ensure this form of communication.

    All employees are expected to complete all the SafeSchools employee training deployed prior to, or during the closure. Questions regarding accessing SafeSchools may be directed to Tammy Block, blockt@troy.k12.mo.us. 

    Administrators will continue to perform duties specific to their position during the closure.

    Employees who are not on protected leave and who are unable to perform their required duties on a particular day should request a half or full day of sick, personnel, vacation or comp time, as applicable. Employees who do not physically report to work are not required to clock in or out daily during the closure.

    These expectations are a minimum. Additional expectations specific to an employee’s position may be provided by supervisors.  The expectations with respect to remote work are subject to change. 

    Will employees have access to District buildings during the emergency closure?

    Employees will only be provided access to their building as directed by their supervisor/principal.  Employees are not allowed to access District buildings without supervisor approval. Please refer to the response to the second question above for additional information.

    What should employees bring home?

    Employees should bring home any District-issued laptop and/or iPad, including a charger, and any instructional materials or other materials that the employee would need to fulfill their duties.  Employees should keep in mind confidentiality requirements when working remotely.

    Any employee who does not have a District-issued device and feels that he/she may need one for work-related purposes during the emergency closure should contact his/her supervisor.

    How will the closure affect my insurance benefits?

    Insurance benefits will remain active during the closure.  Our current plan is to hold open enrollment during the week of August 17th (the week prior to students returning).  We will provide specific times and locations as we get closer to this week.  All of the UHC insurance plan information will be placed on the District HR webpage once we receive it. Additionally, we will be receiving the UHC informational folders as in previous years.  We will send out an update on when the plan information will be available online, as well as, when folders may be picked up at your buildings.Additional information will be forthcoming. If you have benefits issues during this time please email Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo.us, and Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us.

    When is open enrollment season for the Flex Spending Account?

    Open Enrollment for 2020-2021

    Even though our open enrollment for medical, dental and vision will take place in August, the open enrollment for Flex Spending Accounts for both medical expenses and dependent care is open now and the plan year will still be July 1-June 30th.  You can access the enrollment form by visiting the Human Resources page under the Staff Resources tab on our website.  Please return the enrollment form to the HR department by June 1, 2021. 

    What is an FSA and who does it cover?

    A health care flexible spending account (FSA) is an employer-sponsored benefit that allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to be used for qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by your health plan.  An FSA covers qualified medical expenses for you and your dependents. NOTE:  You cannot have both a medical Flex Spending Account (FSA) and a Health Savings Account (HSA) in the same family. A dependent care Flexible Spending Account, or (FSA) is a pre-tax benefit account used to pay for dependent care services while you are at work.

    When do I need to use my current flex spending dollars for the plan year 2019-2020?

    Just a reminder to those employees that currently have a flex spending account for medical expenses and/or dependent care expenses:

    During the course of the Plan Year (July 1 – June 30th), you may submit requests for reimbursement of expenses you have incurred. Expenses are considered “incurred” when the service is performed, not necessarily when it is paid for. You can get a claim form at www.NBSbenefits.com.   Claim forms must be submitted no later than 90 days after the end of the Plan Year (June 30th) for the Health Flexible Spending Account and the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account. Any contributions remaining at the end of the Plan Year will be forfeited.

    How will the District closure impact my FMLA leave?

    Employees out on FMLA leave are not expected to perform any duties while out on District-approved FMLA leave.  The HR team will reach out to each employee who has any FMLA leave scheduled to discuss the impact on that employee’s leave.  This is an individualized process so we appreciate everyone’s patience. Questions about individual FMLA situations should be emailed to Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo.us  and Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us. 

    What if I currently have ADA accommodations or may need ADA accommodations during the closure?

    Any existing ADA accommodations applicable to the employee’s duties during the closure will remain in place.  All accommodation in place prior to the closure will remain in place following the closure. Any employee who has questions about his/her ADA accommodations or who feels that he/she may need an ADA accommodation during the closure, should contact Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo.us and Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us. The HR team will reach out to each employee who has any ADA leave scheduled to discuss the impact on that employee’s leave.  

    Will employees be charged with pre-requested personnel, sick or vacation days during the emergency closure?

    Employees in positions not expected to perform specific duties during the closure will not be charged with prearranged personnel, sick or vacation days. Employees who are expected to work remotely may rescind their prearranged personnel, sick or vacation days and work remotely if they can perform the duties required for the day in question.  Employees who are not on protected leave but are unable to perform their required duties on a particular day should request a half or full day of sick, personnel, vacation or comp time, as applicable.

    Will we be making up the upcoming days that the District is closed?

    No. DESE has notified school districts that it will not require school districts to make up SY 2019-20 calendar hours lost due to COVID-19 

    How will the emergency closure affect the employee evaluation schedule?

    All pending NEE observations for certified employees evaluations will be placed on hold while the District is closed.  Supervisors will be required to complete classified evaluations on or before April 13th. Supervisors may reach out to classified employees during the closure to discuss evaluations remotely.  

    When will employment contracts and terms of employment letters for the 2020-2021 school year be distributed?

    Our goal remains to provide employment contracts for next school year on, or shortly after, April 15th. A distribution date for terms of employment letters for classified staff has not yet been determined.

    What if I am ordered to quarantine?

    If a doctor recommends quarantine or the health department mandates that an employee is quarantined, the employee may be entitled to FMLA leave and/or paid sick leave under the newly passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  Employees can find out more by visiting the following link: FMLA Information. In such situations, the employee may need to provide proper documentation to the Human Resources Department, either to Sarah Schmanke at schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us or fax to HR at 636.462.5195. Employee should contact Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo.us and Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us, to discuss this situation.

    What if an employee has a child who attends a school or child care facility that closes due to coronavirus and the employee is unable to work due to the need to care for the child?

    If an employee is unable to work due to the need to care for a dependent, the employee may be entitled to FMLA leave and/or paid sick leave.  Employees can find out more by visiting the following link: FMLA Information.  Employees should contact Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo.us and Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us, to discuss available options. 

    Is there any financial relief provided to employees with respect to their 403(b)/457 loans and distributions due to the COVID 19 crisis?

    Yes, please review the information in this link: https://www.troy.k12.mo.us/Page/4924 (Covid 19 information) and contact Lisa Deters at detersl@troy.k12.mo.us with any questions.

    My child care needs have changed.  Can I stop and/or change my contributions to my Dependent Care Assistance Program account?
    Yes. If your child care needs have changed due to Covid 19, please be aware that you can stop and/or change your contributions to the DCAP.   A change in the cost of care is considered a qualifying event to stop or start contributions to a DCAP.  If you would like to stop and/or change your contribution for the April and/or May payrolls, please email Kay Richardson at richardk@troy.k12.mo.us.  For changes to be effective on the April payroll you must contact Ms. Richardson and submit a form by April 10th.  For changes to be effective on the May payroll you must contact Ms. Richardson and submit a form by May 6th.