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    Mail a Hug:  Get directions on how to mail a hug to someone you miss 


    Author/Book Websites:

    Destiny:  School Library Site.  Access to a limited number of ebooks.   Students have indivdual log ins. Contact Miss Schlup at if you need their password.

    Digital Dogman Escape Room:  Can you help the crime fighting canine escape?

    Digital Hogwarts Escape Room: Can you escape the room?

    Epic! This is online ebooks geared towards elementary students.  Every student in our school has an account. Please check with your teacher if you did not receive an invitation for the free (through June 2020) home access email. 

    Lunch Doodles: (Youtube) Mo Willems (Pigeon books) presents doodles and talks at lunch everyday. 

    Mai Storybook:  (Youtube) Picture books read online. 

    Pete the Cat Club(Instagram) Pete the Cat Club is at 12 pm Eastern Time every day.  Unfortunately missed episodes are only available on mobile devices. 

    Reading IQ: Access to a large library of ebooks (internet access is not needed after Reding IQ is downloaded.  Please contact your teacher for account information. 

    Storyline Online: (Youtube)Books read online by Actors and Actresses

    Tumblebooks: Tumblebooks has offered their library free for the rest of the school year. Simply click the link to access. 




    Math Websites: 

    Dreambox: Individualized math learning platform.  Please check with your teacher for your log in information.  This link only works for Main Street Elementary Students. This is a math learning platform.  Many of our students already have accounts. Please check with your teacher if you need log in information.

     Tumblemath: Tumble math is a collection of math books offered free for the rest of the school year by the makers of Tumblebooks.  Simply click on the link to access. 



    Reading Websites:


    Audible:  Audible has recently launched their new Stories site.  It is free and there is no log in.  It is geared for kids and tweens.  As it does cover a wide range of ages, parent oversight is essential.  Simply click on the link, select the book you want to read and start the audio.

    Houghton MIfflin Resrouces: Houghton Mifflin has provided online resources and activities to involve students in the reading process. This is used with reading instruction in school.  Every student has a log in. Please check with your teacher if you need log in information.

    Read Write Think: Read Write Think offers a variety of online and offline resources that work with most reading resources (books, websites etc).  No log in necessary.   Print out flashcards or make a game to help your child learn their sighwords. These activites are printable and provide off line learning for students. 

    Time for Kids:  Follow the link to register for Time for Kids for free.  Kids will have access to digital grade-specific editions of Time For Kids and Your $ financial literacy magazine through the end of the year.  Click here for free teaching guides and worksheets to go along with the magazine. 

    Words Their Ways:  Acess printable games and worksheets teaching students how to spell and sound out words. 



    Research/ Cross-curricular Websites:

    Facts 4 Me: Students have a generic log in.  Contact Miss Schlup at if they don't remember the username and password.  Some teachers use this as supplementary lessons for different subjects.  Check with your teaher for a log in.

     internet4classrooms:  Links by grade level to a variety of practice sites.

    Khan Academy Kids:  Built for younger students this app provides lots of free lessons in various subjects. 

    Khan Academy This site has a schedule premade for homeschooling for each grade level.  Resources are provided

    Netsmartz Kids: Learn to be safe on line at this safe engaging site. 

    World Book Online: Students have a generic log in for this research site.  Contact Miss Schlup at if they don't remember it. 


    Videos Websites: 

    Brookfield Zoo Bringing the Zoo to You:  Bringing the Zoo to You Live Facebook Live videos on animals.  

    Cinncinati Zoo and Botanical Garden:   Let the Zoo take you on a Safari Chat from home.  Click videos on the side to see the Fiona (hippo) Show and Safari Chats. 

    Discovery Education:  Educational Videos Subscription Site.  Students have individual log ins.  Contact Miss Schlup at if you need a password. 

    Go Noodle Home: Go Noodle is offeing free activities and movement videos for students at home. Each week the videos vary.  Do one or more each day!   

    Mystery Science: Mystery Science has opened grade appropriate science activities available for parents and students.  There is no log in.  Simply click the link to find out more. 

    St. Louis Zoo Visit some of the animals close to home on the St. Louis Zoo's facebook page! 


    Grades K-2:

    ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy: Interacitve lessons cover a wide range of subjects. Speak to your teacher for account information. 

    Kahn Academy Kids: Built for younger students this app provides lots of free lessons in various subjects. Literacy Games for our youngest students.  No log in needed. 

    Teach Your Monster to Read: This can be played on an app or on the computer.   All K-1 students have accounts.  To log in on a computer click the correct link below and type your childs name. 

    When using the app - your childs name and star code are all that is required.  There is no password. (blue box)

    Bischel: Star Code: 1708097

    Clark: Star Code: 1708068

    Creely: Star Code: 1708079

    Smith, K: Star Code: 3244370

    Harris: Star Code: 1682790

    Nebel: Star Code: 1682803

    Pruitt: Star Code: 1682816


    Grades 3-5: 

    Adventure Academy: Interactive learning games covering a wide range of subjects.  Contact your teacher for account info. 

    Into the Book: Comprehension strategies.  Students create their own account and get a key to remember so they may log in again. 

    Mission US: Interacitve RPG History Games.  Underground Railroad, American Revolution etc.  Students create their own accounts. 

    Oregon Trail: That's right... It's the Original Oregon Trail.  You know this one is for you parents! Teachs the correct positioning for quick typing.