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    The Hungate Performing Arts Center is a state-of-the-art performance space on the campus of Troy Buchanan High School. The Performing Arts Center is named after William and David Hungate. William was a long-time resident of Troy, where he maintained a private law practice. He worked his way through various levels of government service, culminating with 12 years as a member of the United States House of Representatives. As a congressman, William was a member of the House Judiciary Committee that oversaw the impeachment process against President Richard Nixon. Upon his retirement from Congress, William was appointed as a Federal District Judge, where he presided over the St. Louis public school desegregation case and was instrumental in designing a voluntary desegregation plan for the St. Louis City and County School Districts. David, William's son, is a graduate of Buchanan High School (the predacessor to TBHS) and was a member of the Buchanan High School Band. He was a founding member and the bass guitarist of the rock band Toto. Following his time with Toto, David moved to Nashville and became a studio musician, recording hundreds of albums, movie scores, TV shows, and commercials. A member of the Musician's Hall of Fame in Nashville, David won four Grammy awards for his work with Toto and Chet Atkins. 

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