•  Welcome to the Troy Buchanan High School Speech  & Debate team!

    What is Speech & Debate?

     Speech and Debate is a competitive activity in a variety of debate and speaking events.  Events offered in Speech & Debate include current event centered debates, philosophical debates, congressional debates, extemporaneous speaking, informative speaking, persuasive speaking, dramatic acting, humorous acting, poetry performances, prose performances, and so much more. 

    The TBHS Speech & Debate team currently competes in tournaments all over the St. Louis and eastern half of the state. 

     Why should you be part of Speech & Debate?

    1. Speech & Debate has been proven to be one of the most valuable activities a student can be involved in throughout high school.
    2. Speech & Debate members gain skills that top-tier colleges and employers are looking for.
    3. Speech & Debate members have the opportunity to win individual awards at every tournament
    4. Speech & Debate members earn lifetime membership and recognition in a national honor society for Speech & Debate.
    5. Speech & Debate members do for fun what other people fear more than death (which is pretty amazing)
    6.Speech & Debate members get to wear fancy clothes and they look great when they do!
    7.Speech & Debate members make friends with people from all over the state
    8. The Speech & Debate team will be your second family.

    Contact Us!

    Coach: Jessica Brunts
    Twitter: @tbhsspchdebate
    Facebook: Troy Buchanan High School Speech and Debate Team