• We welcome you to New Horizons High School!  New Horizons is a great place to learn, connect and succeed.  Our collective goal at NHHS is to do everything possible to help students achieve their high school diploma and set goals for their future while modeling on a daily basis the behaviors and character traits of productive citizens.  

    We believe in our students and want to help lead them in the right direction for a successful academic career and life.  We help students be mindful of their past, present and future in an effort to educate the entire indivdual.      

    Here at NHHS we are a family and we are here to help one another.  We do this by offering smaller class sizes and a rigorous curriculum delivered in a variety of ways to help all students reach their full potential.  We also work to support our students endeavors outside of the classroom.     

    New Horizons High School’s mission is to provide students with opportunities to meet individual goals.  Through trusting relationships and a positive learning environment, we provide differentiated instructions to support the needs of our students to graduate and become productive citizens.    

    Johnathon R. White, Ed.D.
    Johnathon White, Ed.D.