• Welcome!  The mission of the Troy Middle School co-curricular program is to provide opportunities and experiences for all students to develop the following skills:

       *     Respect for self and others
       *     Ability to take positive risks
       *     Appreciation of one's talents and weaknesses
       *     Recognition of the value of physical, academic, and aesthetic pursuits
       *     Understanding of teamwork and sharing common goals which contribute to the good of the whole
       *     Realization of the importance of life skills
       *     Awareness of the diversity in one's own and others' cultural backgrounds
    We also believe that by the student's involvement in activities, he/she will build the self-worth and integrity necessary to be able to cope with future successes and failures.  To meet this end, the student will also gain the qualities of realistic goal setting, positive interdependence, and moral judgement.
    Activities in our program create an avenue of enrichment, entertainment, and proud association for parents and community.  Through well-directed activities, we strive to enable students to contribute responsibly and ethically within society both now and in the future.
    All registration needs to be done online - https://troy-ar.rschooltoday.com/home
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