• CPE Counseling Department
    Our goal as School Counselors is to address the needs of our students' academic, personal/social, and career development as well as help create positive and safe learning climates in our school. 
    We spend 100% of our time providing students with preventative and responsive activities and services delivered through four program components.
    Guidance Curriculum
    - work closely with teachers to present guidance lessons twice a month in the classroom
    - topics for lessons include social skills, problem solving, career exploration, and study skills
    Individual Planning
    -  collaborate with parents, teachers, and other staff to help provide the most successful academic plan and environment for students
    Responsive Services
    - assist students through individual counseling and small group counseling
    - consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, and community programs
    System Support
    - management of our guidance program and support for other programs in the school
    - activities such as guidance program evaluations, school improvement involvement, community outreach, and fair-share responsibilities