Ninth Grade Center

  • Ninth Grade Center (NGC) is a School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS) building.  SW-PBS is an approach that assists “schools and districts in establishing and maintaining school environments where the social culture and behavioral supports needed to be an effective learning environment is in place for all.” (Please see for further information on Missouri School-wide Positive Behavior Support.)

    The School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports program exists to help shape discipline within the building.  By creating expectations for the students about what is acceptable behavior within the learning environment, we can attempt, as a building to reward and teach desired behaviors and not focus on strictly the punitive results of bad behavior.  SW-PBS is systematic in structure to create uniformity for the student and teacher in handling negative situations.  The goal of this instrumental program is to create more time for learning to occur while minimizing time spent on disciplinary action resulting in classroom disruption and office referral.  We must instruct behavior in order to minimize the punishment for misbehavior. 

    Students will be counted upon to know and adhere to the SW-PBS expectations.  In doing so, students will be following The Trojan Tradition.


    NGC has adopted the following purpose statement for establishing and maintaining SW-PBS: The staff at the Ninth Grade Center is committed to creating an environment that maximizes instructional time in a safe environment, models good character, and is consistent with all students.  This gives students an opportunity to reach their academic potential and practice socially acceptable behaviors in order to become model citizens and life-long learners.