• Frequently Asked Questions for Lincoln County R-III Employees - Response to Coronavirus

    Last updated August 13, 2021

    The health and safety of our students and employees is our first priority. We are all navigating this evolving and new situation related to the coronavirus. We want to assure you that we will work together to navigate this in the best interest of each individual staff member, while also understanding that we have a shared responsibility to continue to care for and educate our students.

    This is not a time to be concerned about missing work if you are sick. If you are having flu-like or coronavirus symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, a new loss of sense of smell or taste, sore throat, muscle or body aches, chills, headaches, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, or fatigue), please stay home, notify your supervisor and consult a physician.

    District administration is closely monitoring and developing responses to address this rapidly changing situation.  Federal, state, and local agencies may make mandates that change our responses to the questions below. As we learn more information, we will update our responses to the questions below and add any additional relevant information. So, please continue to check this FAQs page which is available in Staff Resources on the District website, as well as, your LCR3 email.  As always, should you have any questions or concerns you can email HR at HR@troy.k12.mo.us or contact any of our HR team members individually.

    Are staff required to wear a face-covering?

    Masks are strongly encouraged, but not required at this time.  

    Will staff be provided face coverings?

    A limited supply of face-coverings will be available if you would like to wear one.

    Do I have to use Personal Protective Equipment? 

    The use of protective equipment other than face coverings will be directed by supervisors and training will be provided on the appropriate use of PPE.  When the District requires additional PPE for specific duties it will be provided at no cost.  

    What if I don’t feel well?

    Employees should stay home if they do not feel well.  If an employee is experiencing COVID19 symptoms and seeks a medical diagnosis, the employee should contact their supervisor immediately.  The supervisor will relay the information to HR who will contact the employee to discuss leave implications.  If the employee is not experiencing COVID19 symptoms, the normal procedure for requesting a sick day should be followed.

    How do I record my leave?

    If you are out for COVID or non-COVID19 related reasons, you will need to let your supervisor know. You will record your leave normally if non-COVID19 related.  If the reason for the leave may be COVID19 related, you should notify your supervisor who will notify HR.  HR will discuss with you the type of leave that is required/allowed for the absence.

    Can my supervisor or HR ask me about my symptoms if they are related to COVID19?

    Yes. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has weighed in on COVID19-related conversations in the workplace.  As COVID19 is a medical condition that affects others and has been deemed a public health concern, employers may ask employees if they are experiencing COVID19-related symptoms, even prior to the employee working at the facility/location.

    Can my supervisor or HR send me home? 

    Yes.  Employees may be sent home under various circumstances including if an employee has COVID19-like symptoms, is seeking a COVID19 diagnosis, tests positive for COVID19, or had contact within 6 feet for 10 to 15 minutes or more with a person who has tested positive for COVID19.  

    What if I have a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and I am sent home?

    If your temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher upon arrival for your shift, you will be asked to go home.  Employees may not return to work until they are fever-free and absent of any other symptoms without medication for 72 hours.  If eligible, the employee will enter sick, personal, or vacation time during the employee’s absence.  Any employee who is sent home due to fever should contact Human Resources Coordinator Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo.us, or Human Resources Director Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us to discuss his/her absence.

    What if I or my child have a compromised immune system?

    You may be eligible for leave under FMLA or reasonable accommodations under the American Disabilities Act Amendment Act.  Please contact HR to discuss eligibility for leave and/or accommodations.

    If I am caring for my child who has COVID19, can I take paid sick leave for two weeks?

    Employees may use sick days for COVID-related childcare.  For situations that are specific to COVID19, please contact Human Resources for direct guidance. 

    What if there is an uptick in positive cases in Lincoln County?

    The district will continue to partner and communicate frequently with our local health professionals for guidance. Their input will help guide the District’s decisions as it relates to potentially moving to a different tier or implementing additional safety measures.

    What if an individual who is positive for COVID19 was in an LCR3 building?

    LCR3 will continue to seek guidance from and comply with CDC and local health department orders. This could include quarantine for those who were a contact of the positive individual and possible short-term closure of the building.  Additional cleaning and sanitation procedures will be followed to ensure that the building has been properly disinfected.

    What if a member of an employee’s household tested positive?

    If the employee is not fully vaccinated for COVID19, the employee must stay home and contact his/her supervisor.  The employee is strongly encouraged to contact the health department for further guidance. If the employee is fully vaccinated and asymptomatic, they may continue to report to work.

    What if an employee has been in contact with someone who has tested positive?

    If the employee had contact with the positive individual within 6 feet for 10 to 15 minutes or more, and is not fully vaccinated, the employee must stay home and contact his/her supervisor.  The employee is strongly encouraged to contact the health department for further guidance.

    What if an employee has been in contact with someone who has COVID19 symptoms, but has not yet been tested or received a test result? 

    The employee can continue to come to work so long as the employee does not have symptoms. The employee should continue to self-monitor for symptoms.  If the individual with whom the employee has had close contact tests positive, the employee would need to quarantine.  The employee can contact the health department for additional guidance.

    What if an employee has had indirect contact with a confirmed case (contact with another individual who did have confirmed exposure)? 

    The employee can continue to come to work and can also contact the health department for additional guidance. The employee should continue to self-monitor for symptoms.

    What if I currently have ADA accommodations or may need ADA accommodations?

    Any existing ADA accommodations applicable to the employee’s duties will remain in place.  Any employee who has questions about his/her ADA accommodations or who feels that he/she may need an ADA accommodation due to a disability should contact Human Resources Coordinator Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo.us or Human Resources Director Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us

    Will teachers get plan periods this year?

    Yes, teachers will have plan periods. 

    What happens if I contract COVID19 and am unable to return to school for a period of time?

    If a staff member contracts COVID19 there are leave options available. Any employee who contracts COVID19 should notify their supervisor and HR will follow up with the employee. Substitutes will cover employee absences, as necessary.

    As a substitute for the District, how will things be different for me?

    Substitutes will be expected to follow the same employee reporting, screening, and safety protocols. Approved substitutes will receive additional information regarding these protocols.

    Can a teacher stay home and teach virtually?

    Currently, all employees will report to campus for work on August 16. If the District moves into Tier 2 or 3, reporting requirements will be communicated by supervisors at that time. If an employee has a medical condition he/she should contact HR to discuss potential accommodations or leave.

    What leave is available if I am ordered to quarantine?

    An employee who is ordered to quarantine may be entitled to utilize District-provided sick leave.  Employees who are ordered to quarantine should contact HR to discuss leave options. 

    Can a paraprofessional, teacher, or another staff member who works in more than one room during the day disinfect their work area upon entering the room even if it results in not teaching bell to bell? 

    While teaching bell to bell is always a goal, the District recognizes that safety is a top priority. Staff entering into a new workspace may take the time necessary to disinfect their personal work area upon entering into a new room. 

    How should employees who go from room to room handle passing periods when social distancing cannot be maintained? 

    All employees and students are strongly encouraged to use face coverings during times when a distance of at least three feet for students and 6 feet for adults may be difficult to maintain, which would include passing periods. Staff are further asked to engage in preventive hygiene including frequent hand washing/sanitizing upon entering rooms.

    How will the Return to Learn plan affect employees who travel between multiple buildings?

    Staff travel between buildings on the same day will be limited to the extent feasible. Staff who are reporting to a building that is not their assigned primary building will be asked to report to the main office upon arrival and will be entered into LobbyGuard/Raptor (the District’s visitor management system). This process is necessary to help with the potential need for contact tracing.

    How will evaluations be impacted by the increased safety measures and/or virtual or distance learning?

    Employees will continue to receive feedback and evaluations during the 2021-22 school year. Evaluators will take into account the necessary differences in the learning environment this year, as well as, altered duties, as appropriate.  For certified evaluations, the District is utilizing guidance from the Network for Educator Effectiveness to continue to use feedback and evaluation best practices that translate to virtual and distance learning environments.

    If I have to be absent from school will a substitute teacher take over my class while I am out?

    As in previous school years, the District will continue to use substitutes for employee absences, as necessary.

    What if I have a medical condition?  Who should I contact?

    Any employee with concerns related to a medical condition should contact Human Resources Coordinator Lisa Deters, detersl@troy.k12.mo.us, or Human Resources Director Sarah Schmanke, schmanks@troy.k12.mo.us. 

    Will I be able to utilize full-day Latchkey care in Tier 2 and 3 if my children are enrolled in another school district and their school also closes?

    Pending sustainable interest and enrollment, the District will offer a full day Latchkey program for employee children at a reasonable daily rate for days when employees are required to report to work and their child is participating in distance learning. This will be available for pre-K through 5th grade age children but will not be limited to LCR3 students.

    What is the cost per day for full-day Latchkey care?  

    The cost per day will depend on the interest in the program. Without sustainable interest, the District will not be able to offer full-day care. The expense of operating a full-day program is far greater than a program limited to before and after care. Should the District enter into tier 2 or 3 within the first few weeks of school the $250 yearly fee for employees may be credited towards the daily rate.  

    Will the full-day child care option in Tier 2 or 3 be staffed by Latchkey employees or other District employees?  

    This program will be staffed by Latchkey employees.  If additional staff is needed, employees in other positions may be given the opportunity to help staff the program.  

    Where can I find the most recent protocols and information?

    As this situation continues to change employees will be notified of significant changes through District email and/or communications from supervisors.  Additionally, these FAQs will be updated and available in Staff Resources on the District’s website and the District's Continuity of Services Plan will be available on the following page, https://www.troy.k12.mo.us/domain/1949. 

    What if I have additional personnel questions?

    Any employee with personnel questions or concerns should reach out to the Human Resources office at x50500.