• The Grab-N-Go Meal Program provides breakfast and lunch to children and teens living in the Lincoln Count R-III School District that are 18 and under. Pick up locations include; Ninth Grade Center, Troy Middle School, Hawk Point Elementary, and Cuivre Park Elementary. This program is free to all participants and funded by the Federal Government.


  • September 10, 2020

    School meals (breakfast and lunch) are now available at no charge to all Lincoln County R-III School District students under a temporary waiver from the USDA.

    The free meal service will start on Monday, September 14 for those students that are in-person and Thursday, September 17 for those not attending on-campus. It will continue through December 2020 or until the federal funding is no longer available. All students are eligible, whether they have selected in-person or virtual learning for this semester.

    The Lincoln County R-III School District is committed to ensuring no child goes hungry and has sponsored free meals and Buddy Bags throughout the pandemic, even following the closure of our school buildings in the spring and throughout the summer. The USDA waiver provides flexibility and funding to ensure nutritious meals continue to reach all children in this fluid and fast-changing time.

    There’s no need to apply for the benefit; all children through the age of 18 are automatically eligible.

    In-person Meals

    Meal service at all schools will continue as usual for students taking in-person classes. In order for a meal to qualify under the USDA waiver, it must include certain components, details are included on the attached flyer. Building food service staff will assist students with selecting appropriate items to qualify for this program. It is important to note that if students choose not to select the necessary items, they may be charged. Students will also be charged for additional items selected (ex. second milk). 

    Beverages (excluding 1 milk), snacks, and desserts will still be available for purchase as a la carte options. These items are not included in the USDA program and therefore will be charged at full price.  

    Grab-n-Go Meals

    Grab-and-go sack lunches and breakfasts will be made available at four locations for virtual learners and non-LCR3 students age 18 and under, even those who aren’t enrolled in LCR3. Pick-up will be on Thursdays from 11:00-12:30 at Cuivre Park Elementary, Hawk Point Elementary, Troy Middle School, and Ninth Grade Center. Families utilizing the Grab-n-Go option will receive 5 qualifying lunches and breakfasts each Thursday which will include storing and warming instructions. Parents may pick up these meals without having their children present. We ask individuals that are interested in participating in this program to complete this short form by the end of the day on Monday, September 14 to help us prepare the appropriate number of meals.

    Families who think they may qualify for free or reduced-price lunch are still encouraged to apply so there is no lapse in meal service when the USDA waiver expires. You can find details on how to apply for the free or reduced-price meal program at www.troy.k12.mo.us/foodservices.

  • Grab-n-Go meals will have the following changes starting April 6, 2020


    • Hours will be limited to 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Pick up will only be available on Monday and Thursday
      • Monday will include breakfast and lunch for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
      • Thursday will include breakfast and lunch for Thursday and Friday, as well as Buddy Bags
    • Meals will be placed on curbside tables, not delivered directly to cars to help with the proximity of individuals. Please designate one person from your car to get out and pick up your meals from the curbside tables.