Boone Elementary

Mission, Vision, and Commitments

  • Mission Statement

    Why do we exist…

    Our mission is to teach our school community how to ROAR with:  

    Respectful Relationships  Outstanding Academics  Accountability  Responsibility


    Vision Statement

    What we hope to become…

    At Boone Elementary we will strive to educate the whole child through their minds, actions, and hearts. For their minds, we will provide rigorous instruction that will encourage outstanding work and instill stamina through a growth mindset. For their actions, we will provide service opportunities and expect self-control and accountability. For their hearts, our students will show encouragement, compassion and gratitude. Boone Tigers will enter the world as productive, respectful citizens.

    Collective Commitments

    How will we behave to achieve the mission and vision…

    We will treat everyone with dignity, respect and grace by modeling what respectful positive citizens do every day.

    We will assume positive intentions of all others and work to do what is best for our students both academically and personally.
    We will treat everyone with dignity, respect, and grace by communicating positively with each other and students and admit mistakes and work to correct them.
    We will deliver focused and intentional instruction to produce exceptional academics.
    We will be mindful of the students we have in order to provide instruction based on individual needs.
    We will foster a family atmosphere in our classrooms, building and the community as a whole.