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    To register your son or daughter in the Lincoln County R-III School District, you will need to complete the Enrollment Packet. These forms can be viewed and printed from the Registration Forms and Resources link on the left.  Please click on the specific year needed.  You will need 1 packet for each student being enrolled.  

    Along with the completed Enrollment Packet, you will also need to provide the required documentation listed below in the Registration Information. 


    PLEASE NOTE:  all enrollments sent in MUST include the following items or the enrollment can not be processed: 

    1) Must have a valid email address
    2) TWO current proofs of residency - ie: lease/rental agreement, utility bill or receipt, medical bill, credit card bill, voter ID card, deposit receipt, payroll stub, or bank acct. information.
    3) A copy of the Parent's Driver's License. 
    4) Student Birth Certificate
    5) Student Immunization Records. 
    6) Court Documents (Parenting Plan/Divorce Decree, Guardianship, Foster or DFS Placement Papers)

    Once you have completed the enrollment forms, parent update, or change of address, you can return them in one of the following ways: 

     1)  Email them directly to the District Registrar at  
     2)  Fax to 636-462-4931
     3)  Use drop box - Put all documentation in a sealed envelope with Registration written on the front and place it in the LCR3 DROP BOX located on the lower level at        Central Office.
     4)  Mail everything back to Registration 951 W. College St., Troy, MO 63379

    Once all items are received, the enrollment will be processed and information forwarded to the building administration to get a schedule set up as quickly as possible.


    If you need to make a Parent/Guardian update, please click on the Registration Forms and Resources tab to the left and select the Parent/Guardian Update Form.  Parents must complete, sign and return along with a copy of their Driver's License using one of the 4 ways indicated above.  Once we receive the documentation, we will get the information updated for you. 


    If you need to make an Address Change, please complete the Address Change Form located on the Registration Resources link on the left and return with ONE proof of residency and a copy of parent's driver's license using one of the 4 ways indicated above.  Once we receive the documentation, we will get the information updated in our computers for you.

    The Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) was developed out of SB603 being signed into law ( It's mission is to offer Missouri students equal (online) access to a wide range of high-quality courses, flexibility in scheduling, and interactive online learning that is neither time nor place dependent.  The intended spirit of SB603 was to give students access to courses which are not offered or cannot be taken due to scheduling conflicts.  At LCR3, our first choice is always to have students participate in our current curriculum course offerings.  MOCAP (SB 603) obligates LCR3 to offer online credit advancement in school or out of class at LCR3's expense up to a full-time course load.  Otherwise, it would be at the expense of the family.

    LCR3 is defining MOCAP as:
    • Providing courses we do not offer or conflict with the student schedule
    • Out-of-Class online learning
    • Not over eight (8) courses per semester
    • Meets MOCAP eligibility requirements

    The District partners with LAUNCH, an online course provider, to bring a full catalog of quality courses to LCR3 students.

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