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After School Tutoring

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Times: 2:35 PM – 3:30 PM

Who: Students who need extra support on concepts for a subject area.  Students will be sent to tutoring on teacher recommendation only.

Contact: Parents – please address academic concerns with the core teacher of that subject.

Tutoring Qualifications

  • Problems with specific concepts/remedial areas, not behavior.
  • Team/teacher recommendations only
  • Parent request/teacher must approve and recommend

Tutoring Teacher Guidelines

  •  Students tutor for a 2-week period/ 4 sessions to see improvement.
  •  Re-evaluate after the 2-week session by your team
  •  Must coordinate with the team only 4 students per team
  •  All work (in detail) provided by recommending teacher/team
  •  Recommending teacher must contact the parent and keep signed permission or a phone log.

Student Rules

  • Students need to be on time and prepared
  • School expectations for effort and behavior
  • Problems in tutoring – 1 strike and parents will be called
  • Students must know how they are going home & Be picked up promptly

***Reminder: Students need to be invited by the teacher.***