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Open House Schedules

July 29, 2020

In order to limit crowd sizes, Open Houses for the 2020-2021 school year will be for students entering transition years (kindergarten, 6th grade, and 9th grade) and students that are new to a building or the District. TBHS will host an orientation for students in grades 10, 11, and 12 to pick up schedules, have their photos taken, and purchase parking passes. 

Returning students and families in all other grades will be provided with a virtual open house through Canvas during the week of August 17.

Early Childhood Education Center: By appointment on August 20th between 1 and 7 pm for students that are new to the facility. If your child is returning there will be information sent from ECEC regarding virtual small group open houses during the week of August 17. 

All incoming kindergarten students are invited to attend the open house at their building on August 10 from 5-6 pm. 

Hawk Point: August 20, 3-4 pm

William Cappel: August 21, 1-3:30 pm

Main Street: August 20, 4-5:30 pm

Lincoln: August 19, 4:30-6:30

Boone: August 21, by appointment

Claude Brown; August 19, 6-7 pm

Cuivre Park: August 21, 1-3:30

Troy Middle: August 20, 4:30-7:00 pm

Troy South Middle: August 20, 4:30-7:00 pm

Ninth Grade Center: August 20, 12-6 pm 

Last Names: 

A-H: 12-2 pm

I-Q: 2-4 pm

R-Z: 4-6 pm

New Horizons: August 19, 1-7 pm

Troy Buchanan High School Orientations: 

10th grade - August 10, 2-7 pm

11th grade - August 11, 2-7 pm

12th grade - August 12, 2-7 pm

Troy Buchanan High School Open House: 

All 10th grade students and students new to the District - August 20, 5-7 pm