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Ranken West Construction Begins

February 10, 2021

Construction on the new Lincoln County Workforce Development Center, Ranken West, has begun. This project is the result of partnerships between LCR3, Missouri legislators, Randy Pietzman and Jeannie Riddle, Lincoln County, Ranken, the City of Troy, and the Boonslick Regional Center. 

Currently, the project is scheduled to be completed in the fall. Students are able to enroll in classes for the fall semester in the fields of construction, aquaponics, and advanced manufacturing. 

The project was awarded a $5.1 million dollar grant by the EDA and will also be supported by a $300,000 contribution from Lincoln County. 

Watch the development of the facility on the below live link: 

(Chrome browser must be used.  Also, the user must activate the live feed from a menu to see real-time.)