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Vocal and All State Show Choir

Please congratulate our State Vocal Solo and Ensemble members!   

Gold - Vocal Solo Alexah Wolfe
Gold -  Vocal Solo Mavrik Ladwig
Gold - Hayden Clausner
Gold - Vocal Solo Grace O'Neal
Gold - Mixed Misc Ensemble: Grace O'Neal, Alexah Wolfe, Paige Quinones, Ava Kemper, Dee Summers, Gabe Matteson, Kyle Baker, Brayden Gipson
Gold- Mixed Misc Ensemble: Mirka Gonzalez, Rachel Snyder, Grace Roth, Hannah Smithey, Hayden Clausner, Mavrik Ladwig, Joel Dotter, Hunter Garner
Gold - Treble A Ensemble: Grace O'Neal, Alexah Wolfe, Mirka Gonzalez, Paige Quinones, Ava Kemper, Keyorah M'Thini, Grace Roth
Gold - Tenor/ Bass Ensemble B:  Adrian Friedlein, Mavrik Ladwig, Frank Wood, Hunter Garner, Evan Simpson, Aiden Briley
Silver - Vocal Solo - Gabe Matteson
Silver -  Vocal Solo Aiden Briley
Silver -  Vocal Solo Mirka Gonzalez
Silver -  Vocal Solo Paige Quinones
Silver -  Vocal Solo Kyle Baker
Silver -  Vocal Solo Keyorah M'Thini
Silver -  Tenor/Bass Ensemble A - Dee Summers, Gabe Matteson, Hayden Clausner, Joel Dotter, Evan Peggs, Kyle Baker, Lane Hamlett, Brayden Gipson
Bronze -  Treble Ensemble B - Elizabeth Pillow, Rachel Snyder, Hannah Smithey, Krystal Gonzalez, April Wilmes, Mya Sovar, Chloe Holt
The following students have been selected for all state show choir.
Troy Buchanan has more students selected for this ensemble than any other school in the state with 16 of the group's 72 members from Troy!
Paige Quinones
Abby Boles
Carley Jackson
Keyorah M'Thini
Connor Dietz
Brayden Gipson
Evan Scheper
Aiden Briley
Hunter Garner
Joel Dotter
Kyle Baker
Alexah Wolfe
April Wilmes
Dee Summers
Hayden Clausner
Evan Denison