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LCR3 Board of Education Approves Boundaries for 2024-2025 School Year

At the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting in May, Lincoln County R-III School District administration recommended a final boundary option for approval. The final option presented and approved was a modified version of “Concept B” that had previously been shared with the community and will go into effect in August 2024 with the opening of Troy South Elementary School. 


Following employee and public presentations, the District utilized ThoughtExchange, an open online forum for participants to provide feedback and ask questions regarding the boundary update process. In compiling and reviewing the results from the ThoughtExchange, the most common themes were that participants felt it was important to impact the least amount of students as possible and create complete feeders for the middle school buildings. With this information, Concept A originally seemed like the best fit. However, upon further exploration by the District’s administrative team and their demographer, RSP & Associates, it was found that a modified version of Concept B would impact fewer students over a more extended period of time and that a complete feeder system (all schools from any given elementary go to the same middle school) could be established for middle schools. 


Although Concept B will initially impact approximately 86 more students than Concept A, Concept B allows for better equalization of building capacity. Therefore, allowing more time to pass before the District would need to consider looking at boundaries again. Additionally, with a minor change to the middle school boundaries, impacting as little as one student, all elementary schools will be complete feeders to their middle schools. 


Although these boundary updates will not go into effect until August 2024, the District’s boundary/address locator will be updated this June. Once live, the boundary locator will allow families to see where their address falls in the 2023-2024 school year as well as the 2024-2025 school year. Large printed maps of the elementary and middle school boundaries are available now in the Powell Memorial Library during their regular business hours. Additional information and frequently asked questions can be found at