Record forms

According to Section 8 of our Bylaws: "In addition to the required GPA of a weighted 3.8, members of NHS must complete the following per semester: 4 Leadership Hours, 6 Group Hours, 4 Independent Hours. 

If a member is in the first semester after induction (Spring of their induction year), they must complete the following for the semester: 3 Leadership Hours, 3 Group Hours, 3 Independent Hours. These hours will not count if it is service to a family member.

Example of each of the hours are outlined in the following:

  • Leadership= a position of organization, or leading, in which the member has responsibility to an organization. These can be found within NHS or outside of NHS. Note- if a student is receiving compensation this does NOT count as leadership. 
    • Heading a committee, organizing an event, teaching a class, tutoring hours (not A+ hours)
  • Group Hours= service hours found through NHS. These opportunities will be posted and sent out to students. 
    • Trick or Treat, Food Pantry, Campus Cleanups, etc.
  • Independent Hours= service hours from outside organizations. This can be other school sponsored organizations, community organizations, church organizations, etc. Note- if a student is receiving compensation this does NOT count as service. Students may not count hours if the service is to a family member.
    • PAALS, Boy Scouts, 4H, worship teams, nursing home volunteering, sandbagging, etc."