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2024-2025 Boundary Update

The below map was approved at the LCR3 Board of Education meeting held on May 9, 2023. Following the receipt of feedback from the District's community, District administration modified Concept B to allow for complete middle school feeders, and the Board of Education was presented with a modified version of Concept B for approval. An interactive 2024-2025 school year address locator is now available. Boundary changes will not be in effect until August 2024. 

You can search for your address in the District’s Boundary Locator Tool. 

Boundary Update Frequently Asked Questions

Will middle school boundaries be impacted during this process? 

Yes, some middle school students may be impacted due to changes in the boundaries of the elementary feeders schools in which they reside. 

Does this impact students in grades 9-12?

Currently, this will not impact students in grades 9-12. However, the District is looking for stakeholders to volunteer as a member of a long range planning committee that will explore 9-12 expansion options. 

Are you considering grandfathering in students in fifth grade?

This decision has not been made and will have to be made by the Board of Education once boundaries are finalized in May. Final boundaries will provide members with an accurate reflection of the number of students at each school. Board members will then have to analyze the number of fifth-grade students and consider the capacities at each building before any decision can be made in regards to grandfathering students to a building.

Will the Board of Education consider grandfathering in students at their existing school and beginning new students at the new Troy South Elementary?

While an exemption to all current students would certainly impact the least amount of students and families, it would also create the least amount of impact in our classrooms. Unfortunately, as the district grows in student enrollment, the need for additional space is required. Growing pains are always difficult for all parties involved.

Will my child receive the services he/ she needs at their new school?

The Lincoln County R-III District will always ensure students receive the necessary services for their complete education. If your son or daughter has an Individualized Education Plan that requires a service that is not available at their new school site, the need/ service will supersede the boundary.

Will transportation be provided to my childcare facility if it is not within that school’s boundary?

The Transportation Department will not deliver students outside of an individual school’s boundaries for childcare purposes.

How many kids will actually be affected by each concept?

According to RSP & Associates, concept A impacts close to 400, concept B impacts approximately 450, and concept C impacts just over 600. 

What tier will Troy South Elementary be on? 

This has not yet been decided. As discussions continue, updates will be provided.

How many pre-k classrooms will be housed at Troy South Elementary?

This has not yet been decided. As discussions and planning continue, updates will be provided.