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Opt-Out of ParentSquare

The LCR3 School District, your school, and teachers use ParentSquare to communicate with parents and guardians. This includes emergency messages as well as information closely related to the school’s educational mission. You will receive notifications via email, text, voice call, and posts from ParentSquare mobile app and ParentSquare portal, depending on the contact information you have on file. Parents are automatically registered to receive notifications when they enroll their student. Please note that standard text messaging rates may apply for all text messages.

To opt-out of receiving notifications, you can:

You can also opt-out of:

If you are not a parent or guardian and are receiving notifications in error, please contact us at 636-462-6098 extension 50100.

*Note that even if you opt-out of receiving communication, you will still receive notifications for emergencies and other school information deemed important, such as attendance and lunch balances.

To opt back in:

  • Fill out and return the opt-out form to your school office, or
  • Contact your school office with your email and cell phone number
  • Emails: Click the Unsubscribe link in any email you receive
  • Text Messages: Click the Opt-Out link in the first text message you receive from ParentSquare. You can also reply STOP to any subsequent text you receive.
  • Phone Calls: Contact us at 636-462-6098 extension 50100
  • Contact your child's school with your email and cell phone number
  • Text Messages: If you sent STOP, you can reply START to any text you had received or send START to: 66458