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Secondary Weather Guidelines

  • Cold Weather Guidelines for Secondary

    It is the District’s policy that during cold weather, the decision for outside activities/PE will be based on weather as listed on If the air temperature or wind chill is 20°F or lower, no outdoor activities/PE will be held. 


    Heat Advisory Guidelines for Secondary


    The Lincoln Co. R-III School District is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students at school and while participating in activities and athletics. Consistent with this commitment, the District follows these procedures when a heat advisory is issued: 


    • If the temperature/heat index is 105 degrees or greater, outside activity should be postponed or rescheduled.
    • If the temperature/heat index is 95-104 degrees, practice and game conditions should be altered. 
    • Modified practice includes scheduled water breaks every 15 minutes, reduced conditioning, and reduction of gear and clothing to allow for sweat evaporation. 
    • If the temperature/ heat index is less than 94 degrees, a normal outdoor activity schedule will follow with water breaks.                                                   


    The District Athletic Directors utilize a wet bulb globe thermometer and guidlines as listed on MSHAA's website to determine the current heat index and consult with administration to determine if a heat schedule should be implemented.  The coaching staff and athletic trainer carry cell phones in the event that emergency assistance is needed.                                               

    Hydration Tips and Fluid Guidelines

    Students should hydrate themselves before, during, and after practices and games.

    • Two hours before practice, drink at least 16 ounces of water or other fluid
    • Drink another 8 to 16 ounces of water 15 minutes before physical activity.
    • During practice, drink 4 to 8 ounces every 15-20 minutes of exercise.
    • After physical activity, drink as many fluids as possible with carbohydrate and sodium (sports drinks, chocolate milk) within 15 minutes of the completion of activity to encourage the fastest rate of rehydration. Those students who are heavy sweaters may need to calculate sweat rates and drink to replace fluids lost during exercise. The rule of thumb is 16-24 ounces per pound of fluid lost during exercise. 
    • Students are strongly encouraged to avoid energy drinks especially post exercise, since they will inhibit the amount of fluids replaced in the muscle during recovery. Carbonate drinks may also cause the student to feel full more quickly and reduce the amount of fluids they can tolerate.