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Become a Tutor

Each year a tutor list is created consisting of District employees and substitute teachers who are MO state certified (including substitute certification) to share with our students' parents. If you qualify and would be interested in private tutoring, I will be happy to add you to the tutoring list.

Your number would be given to parents who are looking for tutors for their children. You would be contacted directly by parents to inquire. The District is not involved with private tutoring other than providing the list. You will charge what you would like, and you will need to discuss the location of the tutoring with the parent. You may only do private tutoring on a District campus with approval from the building administrator. 

Please keep in mind the library has lots of resources for teachers and tutors to use that include fiction and non-fiction books, stem kits, and table space.

If interested, please complete this Google form. Once the information is reviewed, an email will be sent to notify you that you have been added to the list.