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Parent Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Safe bus transportation is important to all of us, and students play a major role in bus safety. In order to promote safety, the following basic rules should be discussed with your student(s) so that they know what to expect.

Students who ride a bus must:

  • Students will obey the driver. Students should immediately comply with instructions given by the driver. This allows the driver to return their attention to the safe operation of the school bus.
  • Students will remain seated in their assigned seats unless exiting the bus. This is the most important rule because students who sit properly have maximum protection in the event of an accident.
  • Students will keep their hands, feet, and all other objects to themselves and inside the bus.
  • Students will use respectful language (at appropriate levels) at all times.
  • Students will follow all rules and expectations as outlined in the student code of conduct.
  • Students will not consume food or drink on the bus. Water is permitted.

Remember that it is a privilege to ride the school bus, and any time there is an infraction of any of the above rules, the student is subject to losing that privilege.

All kindergartens and first grade students need to have a parent at the stop. We need permission from the parent or guardian to allow the student to get off with an older sibling or an adult other than the parent/guardian(s) listed in our student information system.