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Missouri Online Course Access Program (MOCAP) and LCR3 Online Learning with LAUNCH

Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) was developed out of SB603 being signed into law (  Its mission is to offer Missouri students equal (online) access to a wide range of high-quality courses, flexibility in scheduling, and interactive online learning that is neither time nor place dependent. The intended spirit of SB603 was to give students access to courses which are not offered or cannot be taken due to scheduling conflicts.  At LCR3, our first choice is always to have students participate in our current curriculum course offerings. MOCAP (SB 603) obligates LCR3 to offer online credit advancement in school or out of class at LCR3’s expense up to a full-time course load.  Otherwise, it would be at the expense of the family.

LCR3 defines MOCAP as:

    • Providing courses we do not offer or conflict with student schedule
    • Out-of-Class online learning
    • Not over eight (8) courses per semester
    • Meets MOCAP eligibility requirements

The District partners with LAUNCH, an online course provider, to bring a full catalog of quality courses to LCR3 students.  Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding MOCAP and LAUNCH.

    • For students not already taking a “full-time student load”, the district pays for up to a “full-time student load” (up to 4 credits per semester at high school and 3.5 credits per semester at middle school).
    • Any full-time student who has attended a Missouri public school the previous semester (exception for documented medical or psychological diagnosis/condition that prohibited the student from attending the previous semester).
    • LCR3 recommends putting students in the least restrictive environment for student success.
    • More information can be found at
    • LCR3 can deny MOCAP enrollment if it is not in the best educational interest of the student.  
    • Students have the right to appeal.  The process can be found in Board of Education Policy/Regulation 6190.
    • A School Counselor will register the student.  LAUNCH instructor will monitor student progress and provide the counselor with updates.
      • Semester 1 Enrollment Request Deadline:  10 days after Semester One begins
      • Semester 2 Enrollment Request Deadline:  10 days after Semester Two begins
    • STEP 1:  Student provides a written rationale for their request using the Student Request Form that includes a parent signature for approval.
      • If condition(s) involve a 504 or IEP, the counselor sets up a 504 evaluation/reevaluation meeting or the SPED case manager sets up an IEP meeting with the parent, student, counselor, principal, etc.  This team determines if online learning is in the best interest of the student.   If it is determined that online learning is in the best interest of the student, a plan should be created regarding which course(s) a student should take and in which order.  
      • If the student is requesting to enroll an online course for reasons other than lack of availability or schedule conflict (i.e. IEP or 504) STEP 1 would also include the following:
      • Counselor determines if the condition(s) stated require starting the 504 or IEP process (if a 504 or IEP for the condition(s) is not already developed).
    • STEP 2:  Counselor documents the date parent was informed, approved selected coursework, and was notified that their student can be dropped from the course if (s)he does not make “adequate” progress.  
    • STEP 3:  Counselor registers the student in LAUNCH.  
    • STEP 4:  LAUNCH will provide notification to the school counselor that the student is registered for the course and will be given the appropriate course code to put into the student's schedule.

    * A student is not required to attend the high school during the period they are enrolled in an online course.  If they stay at the school, they will go to a supervised location TBD by building.

    • Generally, LCR3 will not provide additional transportation.  It is possible that a student’s 504 or IEP team could determine transportation is necessary as related service to the student’s placement decision.
    • Yes, a supervised space will be provided on-campus for students participating in LAUNCH programming.
    • Yes, students may enroll in additional courses. However, these courses would be at their own expense, $255 per semester/per course (.5 credits).
    • Once a student is enrolled, the main contact should be the LAUNCH instructor.
    • LAUNCH courses are taught by MO certified educators employed through LAUNCH.
  • We want to hear from you: Call the Office of Academics at 636-462-4923.