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Library Cards

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Library Cards 

Library cards at Powell Memorial are FREE for all residents of the LCR3 School District!! The school district recognizes the importance of literacy for all residents and is proud to offer a variety of books, programs, and resources at Powell Memorial. 

To get your FREE library card, you'll need the following:

*Driver's license with a current address & a piece of official mail with the current address

*If your driver's license doesn't have a current address, bring two pieces of official mail with the current address along with your license. (Utility bills, insurance documents, bank statements, etc.)

Need to check your address to see if you're in district boundaries? Use the following link...

LCR3 Boundary Locator

Powell Memorial is solely supported by the LCR3 district and through donations. There is no designated library tax in Lincoln County. 

If you live outside of district boundaries, you may obtain a library card for $10/year.