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Community Relations

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Community Relations

The Office of Community Relations strives to assist schools with communications needs as they arise and tries to model and promote a climate of frequent, open and responsive communication between schools and their respective communities. In addition, the Office of Community Relations attempts to serve all of the school district’s stakeholders by providing important information about the district as a whole, especially information about issues that may impact the educational process or result in major change.

From proactively pursuing media coverage for positive news stories to responding to inquiries from community members, the Office of Community Relations is prepared for two-way communication and open dialogue with all audiences.

The Office of Community Relations is committed to improving the lines of communication both internally and with the community at large. It is our philosophy to use all means possible to improve communications within the schools and with the patrons of the Lincoln County R-III School District. We believe an informed staff and community will lead to continued support of our excellent schools and District.






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