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Inclement Weather and AMI Information

Posted Date: 12/13/23 (4:30 PM)

LCR3 Families, 

As the possibility of winter weather looms over the coming months, we would like to take the opportunity to remind you of our methods of communication, provide you with information on when we might use our Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) Plan, and address some frequently asked questions. 

In the instance of a school closure or change to our regular schedule, the District will provide updates to all families through a number of channels as quickly as possible. This includes local television and radio news stations, the District website, the ParentSquare App, phone, text, and email. You can find more information about inclement weather practices at

The District did incorporate hours into our instructional calendar beyond what is required by the state to plan for inclement weather proactively. Some of these hours were utilized during the extreme heat that we experienced during the first week of school. At this time, we do still have the flexibility to have one (1) “real snow day” opportunity that won’t require students to complete schoolwork at home. 

In the event that we need to call a second snow day, we will utilize AMI. In this instance, you and your child will be notified as quickly as possible, and materials will be sent home with your child. 

Below, you will find additional information about AMI as well as some frequently asked questions. (This information can also be found on the District website: 

What is an Alternative Method of Instruction or AMI? 

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) developed AMI as an option for schools to utilize for instruction when students could not be in-person for learning. For example, we could use our AMI plan when we experience inclement weather, utility outages, or other events that result in building closures. 

In the case of AMI, teachers are expected to create assignments for students to complete at home. Therefore, these assignments and activities would count toward the total hours of instruction required by DESE for the school year. We all know the weather in Missouri is unpredictable, and AMI takes advanced planning. In the event that we receive a fairly accurate prediction of severe weather or other emergency that could cause closure, we can prepare and send any necessary materials home with students. 

In order to best prepare for the possibility of AMI, we are sending home a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document and office hours schedule. As you review these documents, please feel free to reach out with any questions. Thank you for your continued support and partnership in your student’s education.  

How will I be notified that my child’s school will be using AMI? 

It is important to note that television news channels will continue to say that school is closed. However, in all other forms of communication, AMI will be noted. The District’s primary platform for communication with families and employees is ParentSquare (available in all app stores). These communications may include phone calls, text messages, emails, app notifications, as well as district website and social media updates. When possible, we will also strive to be sure that your child is notified prior to leaving school, and their teacher will provide them with the materials they will need to complete assignments from home. 

Due to a difference in schedules, or in the instance the emergency closure does not impact all campuses, there may be a time when some grades utilize AMI and others do not. This will be specified in communications to parents and students. 

How does my child access their learning during AMI? 

Grades Pre-K-5: Teachers Pre-K-5 will communicate via their normal modes of communication.  For elementary (K-5), teachers will post the assignments in their courses in Canvas or Schoolwork. Students may work on these assignments as their schedule permits. Each subject will contain an assignment, which should take about 10-15 minutes. Students must complete assignments to receive credit for attendance. 

Grades 6-12: Teachers will post an announcement in Canvas by 9:00 a.m. on AMI days with the tasks for students to complete for the day. Students may work on these assignments as their schedule permits. Each class will assign 20-30 minutes worth of work, and students should complete assignments to receive credit for attendance.

My family does not have internet access. What options are available to provide internet access for AMI? 

Prior to the use of an AMI day, the District will provide information regarding the availability and use of LTE service for District-issued iPads. 

How do I contact my child’s teacher if my child needs assistance with learning tasks? 

Grades Pre-K-5: Teachers will establish and communicate their office hours for the day. This will be either one sixty-minute time frame or two thirty-minute time frames where the teacher will be available on Google Meet to answer any questions or just check in. Teachers will share their office hours in the announcements section of their course. You can also reach teachers via their school email address or ParentSquare during regular school hours. 

Grades 6-8: Teachers may be reached via email or ParentSquare throughout the day and will be available on Google Meet for office hours from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. The Google Meet link will be posted in Canvas.  

Grades 9-12: Teachers may be reached via email or ParentSquare throughout the day and will be available on Google Meet for office hours from 10:00-11:00 a.m. The Google Meet link will be posted in Canvas. 

How is student attendance counted for AMI days? 

Students will need to submit the assigned tasks for AMI in Canvas or Schoolwork in order to receive credit for attendance for the AMI day. If they are unable to complete their assignment during an AMI day, they will have a window of opportunity to do so upon returning to campus, which will be communicated by their teacher. Time in the classroom to complete the work will be extremely limited and needs to be completed at home as time within the classroom cannot be guaranteed. If they do not submit the work, they will be counted absent for the day.

What classes will students be required to submit assignments for? 

Grades K-5: During an AMI day, students will be submitting assignments for reading, writing, word work, math, science, or social studies, and their special for that day (art, music, physical education, Project Lead the Way, or library). 

Grades 6-8: During an AMI day, students will be submitting assignments for all their classes except WIN.  Students could have up to 6-7 class assignments or activities to complete on those days. 

Grades 9-12: During an AMI day, students will be submitting assignments for either their Purple or Gold day classes, determined by the schedule for that day ( Students could have up to 4 class assignments or activities to complete on those days. 

What if my child has an issue with their device? 

If a student experiences a technical issue while completing school work at home, we ask that parents reach out to the child’s teacher via email. If your child’s teacher can not resolve the issue, the teacher will reach out to our Instructional Technology Facilitators.